Finger Gymnastics

Maschinenschreiben Textverarbeitung (Typing and word processing) by Bruno Behne and Albert Titze, Ferd. Dummlers Verlag, 1991), is a German textbook about “typing and word processing on conventional writing machines and text systems, including personal computers”.

The book is basically a traditional typing practice and instruction book—one that’s been updated to take into account the rise of  the personal computer, and prior to that, the rise of electronic typing systems (basically full size electronic typewriters that were interfaced with external magnetic storage and display screen options).

Of interest is a section on “finger gymnastics …

The book is “system independent” and does not go into detail about any one text processing system. The cover photograph was taken at IBM Stuttgart:

Several photos were provided by TA-Adler Royal Nuremberg …

And by Siemens in Munich …

The end of the wedge was nigh.

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  1. I used a typewriting touch type guide book to learn to touch type on a Mac classic 2 and I still like to have a chortle at the sample letters. But once a typist, always a typist:D


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