More Wheels of Fortune

Like vinyl records—another technology that’s not yet had its day—daisy wheels are fun to collect and you can give them a spin as the mood takes you.

These English Pica 10 and English Brougham 10 wheels are my latest buys …

They join the Script 1012 and the Letter Gothic 12 wheels I bought a few weeks before.

A year ago I purchased two hard-to-find (Lori and Anelia) proportionally spaced daisy wheels from Japan. Suffice to say they were not cheap.

Last night I was horrified to find my Super Grande 10 wheel in the Anelia PS  box …

I remember using the Anelia PS wheel when I was playing around with a Brother WP-1600D word processor – a word processor I donated to an Op Shop having decided WPs are outside the scope of my collection.

The fear is I may have forgotten to swap back the Prestige 1012 wheel before I donated the word processor to a charity shop several weeks ago (Prestige 10/12 is the default typeface, I have five of them).

Could I really have been so careless? Hard to believe. Hopefully I’ll find it lying around somewhere. Life’s just not the same with a missing wheel.

On a happier note, my last daisy wheel purchases came with a list of Brother typefaces to inform future daisy wheel splurges …

What goes around comes around. Hopefully the typewriter gods will deliver me another (or the same) Anelia PS wheel.


Wheels of Fortune

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7 thoughts on “More Wheels of Fortune

  1. Hi Chris, good question. There were three series of print wheel. An “A-series” in the days of SCM, A “H series” – used by the re-born “Smith Corona” company, then a “K-series” when the company was on its knees and typewriters were sourced from Nakajima towards the end.
    I think you probably mean the H-series, which had the following styles (as far as I know – I can’t guarantee complete accuracy) …

    Presidential 10, Presidential 12, Tempo 10,
    Regency 12, Micro 15, Script 12
    Primus 10, Berlin 10/12, Berlin Italic 10/12
    Regency 10

    No paperwork unfortunately. I’m actually looking for information about the old A-series wheels, even a few of the wheels themselves…


  2. Thank you for sharing this super useful image of the different Brother Daisy Wheel faces! I was wondering…do you have anything similar for Smith Corona Typewheels? I’ve been searching the web high and low, but no luck.


  3. Hi Jay, I don’t think I have had that problem, although I have had a few defective print wheels with broken descenders. Hope that’s not the case for you. Could the ribbon tape be curling over the roller on one side? Thanks for dropping by. 😉


  4. Hi,

    Thanks for this article. Its nice to see the fonts abead of time, it helped me pick out a new wheel. (Just got ocr-a) its very cool. Wondering if you have any expeeience with the letters that hang low like y, g & p being typed too low on the ribbon. When i use OCR-A and a new aftermarket ribbon the bottom parts of the letters are cut off.
    I’m sure buying the correct ribbon would fox the problem, but thought maybe there’s another fix.
    Thank you . I have a Brother Selectronic 333


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