TEC Savvy

I found myself another TEC-related Japanese phonecard …

Chou Saku 張作 typewriter/book-keeping machine


More useful is this (English,  French, German, Spanish) instruction guide for the TEC TW-1000, which was sent to me via Royal Mail from an eBay seller in the U.K. …

TEC TW-1000 (below, from my collection)

I previously scoffed at the idea of an instruction guide for what appears to be a basic electronic typewriter, but clearly there are many things I didn’t know and the instruction guide weighs in at 35 pages.

As is often the case, the instruction guide is yellowed and damp-affected, so all the more reason to preserve it in digital format. English portions of the guide which were placed conveniently (for cropping) at the top of each page alongside an illustration, are shown below.

A PDF link to the full-page multiple-language instruction guide will follow.


Retro TEC


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