Maniacs in the Fourth Dimension

It was about people whose mental diseases couldn’t be treated because the causes of the diseases were in the fourth dimension, and three-dimensional earthling doctors couldn’t see these causes at all, or even imagine them.

One thing Trout said that Rosewater liked very much was that there really were vampires and werewolves and goblins and angels and so on, but they were in the fourth dimension. So was William Blake, Rosewater’s favourite poet, according to Trout. So were heaven and hell.

It was Rosewater who introduced Billy to science fiction, and in particular to the writings of Kilgore Trout. Rosewater had a tremendous collection of science fiction paperbacks under his bed. He had brought them to the hospital in an old steamer trunk. Those beloved, frumpish books gave off a smell that permeated the ward, like flannel pyjamas that hadn’t been changed for a month, or like Irish Stew.


LETTER GOTHIC 12 typeface, TEC TW-1000 …



Kurt Vonnegut’s Smith-Corona Coronamatic 2200 typewriter at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Indianapolis, Indiana. The library was opened on the 29th January 2011.


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Kurt Vonnegut and Olympia SM9, 1972


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