2 thoughts on “Letter Quality Printers

  1. I remember those days, right out of high school into the 8-bit computer revolution. your choices for printout were 9-pin dot-matrix and LQP’s. I invested in a huge Rat Shack DWP-210 with an even bigger sound baffling cover which only reduced the clacking of the printer a little bit. Only lasted a few years before laser printers came around and knocked the whole market for impact printers into the ash can. Inkjets were around at the time (Canon Bubblejets) but they were extremely messy and mostly regulated to “portable” battery-operated printers.


  2. Great, thanks for posting this — the international typosphere at its best!

    It’s interesting that in 1982 there was a prejudice against computer-produced output, and a document that looked typewritten was desirable. These LQPs are devices I knew very little about until now.


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