Gary Seven’s Royal Emperor

In response to my Gary Seven’s Royal Assignment post, Robert Messenger (who else) correctly identified the typewriter as a Royal Emperor electric typewriter …


ORIGINAL CAPTION: Royal-Typer automated typewriter introduced by the Royal McBee Corporation in 1960 (RM: more likely 1962-63) combines the functions of tape reading, tape punching, tape reproduction and manual or automatic typing.

… and is not an Electress


… nor an electric version of the Empress …


So this is, in effect, a guest post by Robert, with all images and information herein provided by him. Thank you Robert!


The Royal Emperor and the Royal Empress were designed by George Henry Kress.



Kress was born in Whitestone, Queens, New York, on the 19th January 1912. A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, he had a distinguished career as director of industrial design for IBM (at their facility in Endicott, New York) and later as president of his own design consulting firm, Goerge H Kress and Associates Inc.
During his time at IBM, Kress was responsible for the industrial and commercial design for the frames and covers of the IBM 701 (IBM’s first commercial scientific computer).


IBM President Thomas Watson and IBM 701

George Kress died on the 8th May 2000 in Chatham, Morris, New Jersey, aged 88.






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  1. Automatic typing! So, was it the D31 model, then? I re-watched that episode yesterday before reading this post today and had been thinking, “Gosh, how did the stage techs get that typewriter to do that?” Haha, now it makes sense! Thanks to Robert and thank you for clarifying my wonder!


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