Deporte para Espectadores

On December 17, 1986, after leading a press campaign denouncing the interference of the drug cartels in Colombian politics, journalist and editor Guillermo Cano, was murdered outside the Bogota offices of the El Espectador newspaper.


In 1993, a postage stamp based on the following photograph (Olivetti Linea 88?) was issued in Cano’s honour …


In 1997, UNESCO created an annual prize —the UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize— which honours those who have done outstanding work in defending the freedom of the press.


In 2000, Guillermo Cano was named as one of the International Press Institute’s 50 World Press Freedom Heroes of the 20th century. Like the American journalist George Polk, he paid the ultimate price for doing his job.

In 2012, Cano was portrayed by the Colombian actor Germán Quintero in the TV series Escobar, el patrón del mal


Good guy gets his own postage stamp …


Drug trafficker with blood on his hands gets his own TV series …



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