Simply Fantastic

Staying with the Olympia theme – another from my recent stash of German typewriters – Ian Fleming’s typewriter …



No, not the gold-plated QDL, the Olympia SF De Luxe …


It may not be gold-plated, but this flat schreibmaschine definitely has a touch of luxury about it.


This unassuming SF has jumped to number one ahead of my Olivetti Lettera 22 with the squishy feel. On this, the keys feel as if they’re spring-loaded. In fact, I’m sure I read somewhere they are.

Whatever’s going on under those keytops, the SF is an absolute revelation to type on. Talk about the start of Spring! This typewriter is as fresh as a daisy. I get the feeling it hasn’t been used much.


It comes with an Elite typeface every bit as functional and efficient as the typewriter itself …


Serial number 1746571, according to the TWDB that dates it to 1969 …



I’m always happy to see two original spools …


The Olympia SF De Luxe. A feather in any collector’s cap!


p.s. This is the last Olympia from the stash of German typewriters I bought recently. Two colourful West German, and two less colourful East German, typewriters to go…

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