Mira Mihelič was born on 14 July 1912 in Split, (then Austria-Hungary, now in Croatia) as Mira Kramer.  She went to school in Ljubljana and studied law.  She then became a professional writer and translator, and was a long-time member of Slovene and international writers’ societies.

She was married to the painter, France Mihelič , one of the key figures in Slovene painting in the second half of the 20th century, known for his surrealist figurative paintings and prints.


In 1963, Mira was awarded the Sovre Prize for her Slovene translations of William Faulkner’s Light in August, Thomas Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel, and Charles Dickens’s The Pickwick Papers.

Mira_miheliceva_ecrire mira_mihelic_typewriter

In 1983 she won the Prešeren Award for lifetime achievement.


Today, Mira is regarded as one of the most noted Slovene literary figures of the 20th century. In 2012, a postal cover was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of her birth.


In 2013, she was one of several writers celebrated in a series of TV programmes broadcast to celebrate the  50th anniversary of the Radio Slovenia arts program Ars.

Another Slovene writer, Mimi Malenšek, featured in the first episode …


Mimi was born in Eberndorf, Carinthia, on the 8th of February 1919. She joined the Slovenian Writers Association in 1947.


Like Mihelič, Malenšek was a translator, and a prolific writer of mostly historical and biographical novels.


Mira Mihelič died in Ljubljana on the 4th of September 1985. Mimi Malenšek died in Ljubljana on the 13th of April 2012. RIP