Device gives new life to typewriter

Technology may suck, but there are times when it compliments a typewriter perfectly.


Now that I’ve finally got myself a scanner with OCR there’s no excuse not to use a typewriter for those inspirational first drafts.


No need to worry about those typos, I can edit them later on the computer. Just pop my work of literary genius onto the flatbed of my Hewlett Packard Scanjet G3110 scanner, select an OCR output option …


… and BASHAR’s your uncle!


For $119 AUD (plus free postage) much cheaper than a USB typewriter, and with unlimited keyboard options.


We’ve come a long way since the days of the TexCom 2400 (Article published in the Montreal Gazette, 1985).

7 thoughts on “Device gives new life to typewriter

  1. Yeah, the OCR software comes with the scanner on an install disk. 100 percent accurate on typecasts I’ve tried so far. It will honour your spelling mistakes. 🙂

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