Shakespeare’s Typewriter

If you believe the news, a true likeness of the Bard (when he was 33 and “in his prime”) has been revealed on the cover of Country Life Magazine


Yes folks, botanist and historian Mark Griffiths has cracked an “ingenious cipher” to identify the playwright in an engraving taken from a 16th-Century biography of the pioneering botanist John Gerard (1545-1612), author of The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes.


I only wish I’d gone public after unearthing this portrait of the Bard (when he was 33 and “in his bathers”) and sunning himself on the French Riviera …


Speaking of Mr Griffiths cracking an “ingenious cipher”, it’s interesting to note that Will is captured here reading a copy of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code – proof positive not only that the bald Shakespeare stereotype is an accurate one, but also that Will is alive and well and capable of travelling back and forth in time.

In a world exclusive, I can reveal that this is the typewriter Will picked out for himself during his time travels …


Tragedy and comedy encapsulated in a typewriter

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