Olivetti Poeti

Agustí Bartra (1908-1982) was a Catalan poet, playwright and literary critic.


Can we therefore assume that his typewriter was made in Olivetti’s Barcelona plant rather than in Ivrea, Italy?


(Not sure where the chunky cardigan was made, but it does go nicely with his Studio 44.)


Italian poet Salvatore Quasimodo  (1901-1968) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature on December 10, 1959.



In 1996, the house where Quasimodo was born and raised (in Modica, Sicily) was opened as a museum …


Can we therefore assume that his Lettera 32 was made in Ivrea, Italy, rather than in Barcelona or Glasgow? As a learned teacher once told me, in response to a wild assumption I had made:

“Assume makes an ass of u and me!”


Let’s assume the typewriter that donated these keys was beyond repair!

3 thoughts on “Olivetti Poeti

  1. Lovely post, thanks. Without assumptions, we’d be devoid of bigotry, conceit, jealousy and belaboured with fact-checking and the need to look at things (and people) from more than just one facet. My Ivrean, Glaswegian and Johannesburgian Olivettis laugh in the face of assumptions.


  2. Love the quote. It’s the same quote emblazioned across the front of one of the class rooms when I was in the fire academy.


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