Ulf Lundell

Ulf Lundell (born 20 November 1949 in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden) is a Swedish rock musician, artist and writer.


In his youth, Lundell was influenced by writers such as Jack Kerouac, and Allen Ginsberg, and by musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan.


Despite the fact that Neil Young was his greatest  musical influence, and despite the Bruce Springsteen-like postage stamp (above), Ulf was more popularly known as Sweden’s Bob Dylan, and like Dylan has been known to use a typewriter to write his song lyrics and poems (and novels).


A young Ulf Lundell with Facit typewriter (what else!)


An older Ulf Lundell with Facit typewriter.

In 2014, Lundell issued a typewritten press release that was scanned and sent by email …


The press release was issued to announce extended dates for a summer tour – plus a planned whale-watching trip during which time Ulf hoped for a change of Government in Sweden!


If the following publicity shot is anything to go by, I believe Ulf may have first tried to send his press release by carrier pigeon …


Eugene Onegin – AKA “Typos-pigeon” – helps Ulf promote a recent tour in Stockholm.

What ever became of that bird?

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  1. Thanks Tom, yes the smaller one is a Brother printwheel, the larger one from a mammoth-sized Sharp ZX-500 wedge that also has an equally oversized print cartridge.


  2. Very cool post. I notice on your header photo that you have your elephants holding type bar disks. They triggered a memory from the way-back machine within my cranium. These were (are) used in some Brother electrics, correct? As I recall, they were used so you could conveniently switch fonts. Loving the blog. ~TH~


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