Brother CE-30 Instruction Guide

The Brother CE-30 (circa 1984-1985) is Compact in the portable sense rather than the semi-professional sense. It’s slow (10 cps) and its loud. For a quieter, faster Brother portable, choose the early AX-10/12/20/30 series, or one of the later AX series.

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Electronic Typewriter Instruction Guides

The following guide is viewable online and is freely shared. A small donation, however, will make it easier for me to continue to add to this archive. If you have donated, a printable copy of the PDF will be made available to you on request. Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Brother CE-30 Instruction Guide

  1. February, 1985. Too bad it’s not a CE-50, I’ve got an IF-50 Interface unit coming that would turn it into a daisywheel printer with Parallel/Serial connections for computer 😀

    Now *i* just have to find a vintage ’85 CE-50


  2. Under a different model for the American market, this was the very first typewriter I ever used, as it was my mother’s. My gram’s S-C Silent came one year later and that’s what started it all.


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